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Elements of our New Patient Exam – Caries Risk Assessment

One of the most important elements of our dental exam is the time we take to assess a patient’s caries risk (risk for dental decay). By looking at signs within the mouth and speaking with patients about their dental history and habits, we can begin to understand their risk for future problems and make appropriate recommendations regarding treatment and prevention. If risk is identified, efforts are made to not only

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Dental exam and x-ray frequency for children

When it comes to our children, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate the value of a routine dental examination, but an encounter we had last week with a five year old child reminds us just how important it is. It was our young patient’s first visit to our office, and we started with a cleaning and exam. On the surface, everything looked fine… no visible cavities, no broken teeth, and no

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Great Reasons to Consider Adult Orthodontics

When people think about braces, it’s common to think about head gear, retainers, and middle school; but, as many adult patients discover, adult orthodontics can be a critical tool for improving the health of your mouth. It’s easy to appreciate the cosmetic benefits of braces when crooked or crowded teeth are straightened, but what’s equally as important are the underlying functional benefits of braces. Simply stated, teeth that fit together

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Elements of our New Patient Exam – Bite Evaluation

As important as it is to check for cavities and gum disease, it is equally necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation of a patient’s bite, or occlusion.   The way the teeth come together affect how the teeth function, feel, and wear. When we evaluate a patient’s occlusion, we check for crowding, spaces, and cross-bites. We evaluate how the teeth touch, and which teeth contact when rubbed together.   We note when

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