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Diagnostic Imaging for TMD pathology

Issues related to the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joints) can affect patients of all ages, and the first step to finding solutions and deciding treatment is to develop an accurate diagnosis. Similar to how an orthopedic surgeon would evaluate a problem with a patient’s shoulder, knee, or hip, establishing a diagnosis for the TMJ involves acquiring detailed information via MRI or CBCT technology. Below is an article written by Dr. Lemieux and

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Acid erosion damage to teeth worsened by tooth brushing

Today’s word of the day is PERIMOLYSIS… the chemical or mechanical erosion of teeth caused by acid. In the medical dictionaries, perimolysis is most often attributed to patients who suffer from bulimia as stomach acids repeatedly come into contact with the backs of the teeth; yet in the day to day observations at our office, perimolysis is more commonly related to dietary acidic beverages. It’s not surprising that sodas, fruit

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Flossing Benefits in Question

A recent article was published over the summer which has led to several questions from our patients about the value of flossing.   It seems as if many people are eager to hear that they no longer need to make time for this worthwhile daily “chore”.  The interesting and perhaps misleading message behind that article was that no study has been conducted that proves the value of flossing.  Note, it does

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Elements of our New Patient Exam- Oral Cancer Screening

We recently had a patient come in who was concerned with a sore spot on the side of her tongue.   She said the spot had been there for a few weeks and she was certain it was from accidentally biting her tongue.   She was young, healthy, and had no other symptoms or significant risk factors. Because of the location, appearance, size, and duration of the lesion, we had the area

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