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Opalescence Tooth Whitening Guidelines

The amount of whitening that you obtain during tooth whitening is dependent on three factors:

  1. The length of time each day the tray is used
  2. The number of days the tray is used
  3. The susceptibility of your teeth to the whitening agent

Materials used:

  1. A custom tray
  2. Original model (Please save in the event that custom trays become lost; we can make new trays at a minimal cost by using your original models)
  3. Whitening gel
  4. Tray case for storage of trays when not in use.
  5. Toothbrush

Recommended Treatment

Wear tray for a maximum of two hours. You may want to begin treatment by whitening for half an hour due to potential sensitivity. Products you should avoid during this procedure are all citrus fruits and juices, cokes, coffee, tea and antacids because the pH of the saliva will be altered dramatically and will compromise your results and possibly cause some sensitivity.


  1. Clean and floss your teeth.
  2. Apply whitening gel to the tray as instructed along the front side of the inner tray walls.
  3. Insert the tray onto the teeth and push into place until fully seated. Do not swallow and remove excess gel from around the gum line.
  4. Do not eat, drink, or bite down with trays in place.
  5. Remove after use, clean trays and place in case.
  6. Clean and rinse teeth and gums.

Potential Side Effects:

Stop wearing the appliance and call the office if significant sensitivity, soreness, irritation, or continuous discomfort occurs. The side effects typically resolve in 1-3 days after interruption or completion of treatment.


Keep whitening gel out of heat or direct sunlight at all times. Never use any household or commercial bleaching agents in your mouth; only use teeth whitening agents dispensed and supervised by your dentist.

Whitened teeth should stay lighter for some time. Additional applications of gel can be used as needed. Save your trays!

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